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The Stonywood Battalion


Part of the re-enactment group Lace Wars

The Stonywood was a lowland Jacobite battalion raised in 1745 by James Moir 4th Laird of Stoneywood in support of the Jacobite uprising 1745-1746. The men of the Stonywood came from various backgrounds and had different motives for joining. Some were volunteers and some were pressed into service. The Stonywood took part in the conflicts at Inverurie, Falkirk and Culloden. The battalion was disbanded in 1746.

We are individual re-enactors who specialise in the mid 18th century and have formed a group to represent Lowland Jacobite Soldiers. Not only do we have an interest in this particular conflict but also in the life and ways of  the people of these times. We endeavour to re-enact the period and its people as accurate as possible and we learn more in doing so.

The Stonywoods welcome new members. Men and women, young and old, new to the period or veterans.

For further information email us at

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